Your Next Read: It’s Always the Husband

Your Next Read by Katie, our Community Reviewer!

It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

What better way to kick off October than with a thrilling who dunnit!?
It’s Always the Husband, by Michele Campbell, is the story of 3 college best friends and the tragic way one of them dies 20 years after they’ve left school. We meet their husbands, some family members, and learn details about their lives – both in college and post-college. There’s no real character that you fully latch onto and fully root for, because they’re all written in such a way that their faults are laid out clearly and often, with seemingly few redeeming qualities. The fun of that, in a book like this, is that it is equally believable that any character could be the dead one and any character could be the cause of that death. You find yourself wondering how these characters have stayed friends and feeling like no one in this fictional world is all too surprised at how things have turned out.

From start to finish, the author keeps you engaged and hooked on finding out what happens. There are twists and turns that have you believing it’s one thing or one person, just for the next chapter to take you down another path. If you’re looking for a book that you won’t want to put down, check this one out!

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