Your Next Read: The Turn of the Key

Your Next Read by Katie, our Community Reviewer!

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Whew. I honestly can’t decide if I want to recommend this book to you or warn you against it based on its creepiness alone. The masterful storytelling you’ve come to expect from Ruth Ware is on full display in this book about a nanny who finds herself arrested after one of the children in her care ends up dead. It’s told from the perspective of the nanny as she writes to the man she hopes will be her lawyer for the trial and while it doesn’t have as many twists and turns as I thought there might be, there is a big one that I didn’t see coming. Set in a small town in Scotland, you can easily see how quite a few of the different characters could be involved in the creepiness afoot. Ceilings creaking as if someone’s pacing above you, but there’s no floor above your room…a garden full of poisonous plants…mysterious security system malfunctions…it all leads to the death of a child and you’ll be reading with one eye open by the end just to see who did it. Though I didn’t fully love the ending, I’m glad I finally read the book everyone’s been talking about!

If you don’t like scary or creepy things, I’d say stay away. If you’re okay with that kind of thing, then it’s worth the read!

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