Your Next Read: Scythe & Thunderhead

Your Next Read by Stefani, your Adult Services Librarian!

Scythe & Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman (Books 1 & 2 of the Arc of a Scythe Trilogy)

“Thou Shalt Kill”

Imagine you’re in a world where there is no death…where they have created a way to cure all diseases, death, hunger. This is the world you enter into when reading the Arc of a Scythe trilogy. You’ll get sucked in and you will want to know more. While this is a young adult novel, don’t confuse that with a book that should be limited to just teens. This book is great for teens and adults alike!

Living in a world that cured death means there needs to be a way to control the population. To do this, the scythedom has been created. You are brought into the lives of two teenagers as they enter into the apprenticeship to become a scythe, the  ones who can take the lives. Once you finish book 1, Scythe, you will want to know more about what will happen next. Book 2, Thunderhead, is a great followup to how the Scythedom has expanded, where it may be headed and you begin to learn more about what the Thunderhead actually is. When you get to the ending you are left confused, angry, and intrigued. Neal Shusterman will leave you in a state of absolute disarray, in a good way. He leaves you wanting to read the third book, The Toll.

Overall, if you are okay with some dark parts, talk about death, then this series is for you. You will be taken on an adventure by Shusterman and you will want to hop back onto the ride after you finish each book.

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