COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE

As Covid-19 continues to become more prevalent in our communities here in North Carolina, the Granville County Library System (GCLS) will be closed until further notice.

Although admittance to the physical building is temporarily discontinued, we encourage our Patrons to access library material through our Digital collection; explore OverDrive or NCLive for additional resources.

The following changes are effective immediately, and will continue until further notice:

  1. Any items checked out from the library will receive automatic renewals.  It is acceptable to keep your items until the library reopens.
  2. No fines will be accrued while the library is closed.
  3. The library book drops will remain open at all branches.
  4. All GCLS events and programs are canceled.
  5. Meeting rooms are not available for public use.
  6. Outreach services to assisted living facilities and other organizations are suspended.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the above policies to GCLS Management.

The GCLS encourages patrons to read more about what they can do to battle the spread of Covid-19 on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website, linked here.

Patrons can also obtain more information from the following sources:

The GCLS apologizes for any inconvenience these measures may cause our patrons.  We say “Thank You” for doing your best to ‘flatten the curve’.