NC Genealogy Room


The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center has been working with Mark Pace to digitize the unique resources available in the North Carolina Room at the Thornton Library. Below you will find resources of interest to anyone researching Granville County history or genealogy:


Thornton Library is located at 210 Main Street, Oxford, North Carolina. The North Carolina Room is open to researchers during regular library hours. Library hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:00am-8:00pm; Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm; Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm, but closed on Sundays. If you are planning a visit from out-of-town, it is a good idea to telephone ahead—to verify that your planned trip will not conflict with holiday closings and special events. Upon request, you may arrange an appointment with our genealogy specialist Mark Pace. His email address is:, or call the Thornton Library at 919-693-1121 and ask to speak with Mark. As he is often busy with people both on the phone and in person, leave him a message and he will return your call.

For other genealogical websites, check out our Online Resources for Genealogy page.


Francis B. Hays Collection

Unique to Thornton Library is the Francis B. Hays Collection, a series of scrapbooks compiled by Mr. Hays (1867-1959), a former Clerk of Granville Superior Court. The original scrapbooks have been copied and bound into over 150 indexed volumes of newspaper clippings and manuscripts of various topics, ie: Granville County history and development; towns; churches; industry; individual persons; and genealogies of various families.

Edith Howell Wheeler Collection

Dr. Lewis T. Bullock Files

Estelle Bullock Thomas Scrapbook Collection

Ola Burrows Kearney Papers

William Pressley Davis Genealogy Charts

Vertical File Collection

Thornton Library’s constantly increasing vertical file collection contains donated, compiled family histories; xerographic copies of Bible records; and information pertinent to the history and development of Granville County.

Published Abstracts of Original Records

Included in Thornton Library’s collection of published references are all published abstracts of original records from Granville County and surrounding areas. Published abstracts of records for other North Carolina counties and some Virginia counties are available also.

Published County Histories

Census Indexes –North Carolina Census, 1786-1870

(no index has been published for 1880)

Census Microfilm- Granville County, 1786-1920

(some other microfilm available from surrounding counties as well as Virginia and Georgia)

Microfilm – Granville County Newspapers, (Broken Series); 1876-1944, 1968-2021

Microfilm – Granville County Original Records

  • Apprentice Bonds: 1802-1903, 1912-1913
  • County Court Minutes: 1746-1868
  • Equity Minute Docket: 1807-1851
  • Superior Court Minutes: 1807-1872
  • Secretary of State Land Entries: 1778-1796
  • Land Entries: 1792-1904
  • Record of Accounts: 1868-1878
  • Administrators’ Bonds: 1868-1876
  • Record of Guardians: 1790-1860, 1888-1917
  • Guardian Accounts: 1810-1841
  • Guardian Accounts: 1841-1868
  • Record of Settlements: 1868-1874; 1879-1906
  • Certification of Marriages: 1851-1868
  • Marriages of Freed People: 1866-1867
  • Marriage Register: 1867-1924
  • Tax Lists: 1755-1876, Broken Series
  • Cross Index to Wills: 1762-1828
  • Unrecorded Wills: 1749-1771
  • Record of Wills: 1772-1887
  • Index to Deeds – Grantor: 1746-1932
  • Index to Deeds – Grantee: 1746-1932
  • Record of Deeds: 1746-1869
  • City of Oxford-Minutes, board of Commissioners: 1853-1879


Granville County was formed in 1746 from Edgecombe County.

Granville County borders Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and the North Carolina counties of Vance, Franklin, Wake, Durham, and Person (research may be necessary in the records of one or more of the neighbor counties).

Many early Granville County settlers came to the area from Virginia. Your subject’s previous county of residence may be named in the first Granville County deed issued to him.